Retail-Focused Design

We combine design aesthetics, materials, and spatial design with best practice operational layout to create a dynamic customer experience

What We Do

At CCN we understand the constantly evolving nature of retail and the various influences that have an impact on design. Within every retail design solution is an opportunity to benefit from a range of factors including the influence of location, the environment, demographics, orientation, retail design principles, site planning opportunities & constraints, and market threats to create a unique shopping experience that exhibits a point of difference.


We are commercially aware and understand the importance of producing design solutions that optimise project feasibility outcomes and financial targets. Both creativity and viability are fundamental to our approach to design.


Our experience includes involvement in a range of retail formats including convenience centres, discretionary, lifestyle, high street, and leisure & entertainment, as well as exposure to many major retail tenants and national specialty tenants.


We believe that retail architecture is about more than just shopfronts and carparking. It is about people, customers and tenants. It’s about convenience, comfort, socialising, meeting the needs of families, and being part of a community. And for us this translates to the creation of the enriching places and spaces that people want to be in.

Our Retail-Design Philosophy

We believe in the combined power of experience and creativity

The continuing evolution of retailing in response to customer’s ever-changing needs means that retail architecture must also respond and be adaptive to change. This can leave many retail centres in a continual state of transformation.


In an age of unprecedented range of choice and speed of innovation, customers’ expectations are moving faster than the development of bricks and mortar. While incremental change is still essential, it is no longer adequate. Never has it been more important for retail design to be more agile and responsive in its ability to adapt to these changes.


Our mission is to help developers and asset managers navigate this uncertainty and to orchestrate a continual process of sustainable evolution.